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Photography, ‘painting with light’, as the Victorian pioneers termed this then new discovery, continues to make technical progress as the field widens with unbridled imaginations.  However, when working in black & white I’m most interested in shooting on film, using the particular qualities which make up an image captured through a lens onto a light sensitive emulsion such as blur, depth of field, grain, movement, unpredictability and of course quality of light (and maybe even stealing your soul!). Digital capture is a brilliant technical continuation of photographic work but holds no magic for me: an innovation in search of a soul.

    •    My photographs are about emotion, connections and capturing fleeting moments. What captivates me and holds my attention inside a great photo is not easily explained but it is something to do with entering the photographer's mind. What are they seeing? Am I connected and therefore in a communication with the artist? Shared experiences bring a feeling of worth and 'being there'.
    •    Inspiration, for me and other photographers, is all around. Many like to have a camera at all times, not so hard now with the dreaded camera phones! The impact this has on my work is, in a way, a problem: editing. Are there the hours in the week to make hard decisions about the worth of a photo, treating the raw file in Photoshop (actually I like Lightroom) and uploading to my website? Having said that, quality of light is what it's all about. A sunny or moody period of weather will have me reaching for my camera.
    •    Over the years black and white photography held the key to unlock qualities mentioned in the first paragraph. The directness and lack of confusion of signals in B&W imagery still hold. The techniques are changing however. B&W negatives printed on silver bromide paper can show a superior material quality, different to a digitally captured image output to inkjet print. Still, I'm using digital photography also, converting the colour to greyscale, and 'playing with the curves'!

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1970-72Vocational photography, Plymouth College of Technology & Art
1972-74Diploma in photography, Harrow College of Technology & Art
*Travel photography in USA
2019Started a range of greeting cards for sale in local shops
*Assist performing arts photographer Zoƫ Dominic, London
*Travel photography-Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania
*Start documenting tree lives & landscapes in black & white.
*Sports photography - picture library's of Patrick Eagar & Phil Sheldon.
*Photograph theatrical productions, press & front-of-house.
*Travel to The Festival in the Desert, Mali, Africa.
*Actor portraits & video filming, The Actors One Stop Shop.
*then click on 'Slideshow' and view larger images
*Link to Saatchi, www.saatchionline.com/jantraylen
2011http://www.bwbasement.com (b&w darkroom, print your images on silver bromide)

Exhibition History

2017Doddiscombsleigh Art Show
2015Doddiscombsleigh Art Show
2014Wells Art Contemporary
2013Wells Art Contemporary
2005Art Bar Live exhibition, Exeter
*Africa Centre, London
*Contributing photographer to many shows at sporting venues
*Numerous photographs published in books and magazines
*A number of awards in sports photography and as specialist b&w printer (Ilford awards)
Link to fotoLibraEditorial photography can be seen at www.fotolibra.com/?user_id=6576 then click on 'Slideshow' and view larger images
Link to Saatchiwww.saatchionline.com/jantraylen
2011http://www.bwbasement.com (b&w darkroom. Print your images on silver bromide) traditional darkroom: Black & White Basement & Digital Studio. Tel: 020 7624 2245 or 2244